Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is due to release his new album ‘Rise Again’ on May 10th

A true legend, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry dominated Jamaican music for almost a decade. Helping to invent dub music and much more, the innovations he made in his Black Ark studio are still baffling fans today, clashmusin.com reports.

Discovering Bob Marley, working with The Clash and ruling the soundsystems Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry enjoyed remarkable success. However mounting mental health problems saw him burn the Black Ark to the ground before voyaging around the globe.

Later settling in Switzerland, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s later work has more in common with performance art than his gritty roots dubplates.

Now approaching his 75th birthday the producer has completed a new project. ‘Rise Again’ will be released on May 10th and features a variety of unexpected – and potentially thrilling – collaborations.

Working with New York based producer Bill Laswell, the album features eleven new tracks mixed in a dub style. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry helms proceedings, which includes an appearance from TV On The Radio singer Tunde Adebimpe.

Matching two very unique talents, the track is only one of a number of collaborations on ‘Rise Again’. The actual studio band is formed by P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell (keyboards); Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax & flute); Steven Bernstein (trumpet) and more.

Speaking to Bass Player Magazine last year, Bill Laswell claimed that the entire project hinges on Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. “I was certain no record company in their right mind would touch it, which is why we’re doing it ourselves” he said.

“It’s a real production, and really conscious of bringing out Lee Perry. It’s his presence that keeps this thing moving. Is the whole idea crazy? That’s part of what makes it worth doing.”

A mixture of vintage soundscapes and deeply modern studio elements, ‘Rise Again’ finds the Jamaican pioneer continuing to lead from the front.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is due to release ‘Rise Again’ from May 10th.

For the original report go to http://www.clashmusic.com/news/lee-scratch-perry-works-on-new-album

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