Dominicans’ music for education a sour note for government

Thousands of people Sunday attended the concert Yellow Voices for 4% for a Worthy Education, held in Plaza España in Dominican Republic’s Colonial Zone. [See our earlier post Concert for a Cause in the Dominican Republic: Voces Amarillas]

More than fifty artists and journalists joined the grass roots push which demands that the government adhere to the Education Law which stipulates 4% of the Gross Domestic Product for that sector.

The music however wasn’t a sweet note for the Government, which released on document “instructing” its supporters on how to counter the ever growing nationwide grass roots movement.

The journalist Huchi Lora on Monday revealed the official instructions to its “network of communicators,” who were reportedly issued instructions on how to use their media to counter the “Yellow” effort which increasingly gathers steam, as evidenced by yesterday’s event.

Kenny Grullón, Ico Abreu, Luis Jose German, Sully Rodriguez, Brenda Sanchez, Joshua Guerrero, Milagros German, Luz García, Bolívar Soto, Mario Peguero, René Castillo, Enrique Quely, Pamela Sued, Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes took part in the concert.

Also present as MCs were Tania Báez, Stefany Fatule and Miralba Ruiz.

The groups which performed to support the protest were the Guloyas of San Pedro de Macorís, the Dancing Popular Theater, Tribu del Sol, Boca Taboo, Lápiz, Mozart La Para, El Cata, el Poeta Callejero y Techy Fatule, El Lápiz, Mozart La Para, Toque Profundo, Vicente García, Xiomara Fortuna, Janio Lora, Cerobit, Pablo Cavalo, Marte o Venus, Giordano Morel, Circuito Negro, Pochy Familia and Hermanos Rosario, among others.

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