Barbee Eselebor in Jamaica and Antigua for “Secret 21”

US-based actress, dancer, and singer Barbee Eselebor (whose real name is Faith Jackson Eselebor and whose parents hail from Jamaica and Nigeria) is working alongside local Caribbean talent in her appearance in a segment of a new film that is being shot in Jamaica and Antigua, Secret 21. The Antigua Observer reports:

On a visit to OBSERVER newsroom yesterday, the statuesque artiste opted to keep the character she’s portraying a big secret for now, but Noel “Doc” Howell, the executive director and producer who’s co-directing the flick with Andrew Val of Jamaica, outlined the plot. “The first setting is in Jamaica and most of the filming was done in Jamaica over the past six weeks,” he told OBSERVER Entertainment. The storyline is weaved around a father who accumulated much wealth (through questionable circumstances) but when his straight-and-narrow son opted not to follow in Dad’s footsteps, the father began to plan the elimination of the son’s girlfriend. When the mother learned of the deadly plot, she hastily made arrangements for the son and his lover to travel to Antigua, where the intrigue and action continues.

Other Antiguan talents that will be featured onscreen in Secret 21 include Vaughn Walter, Dr Alvin Glen Edwards, Francine Carty and Kevroy Graham of Redemption of Paradise fame. As usual, the scenic beauty of the country will be highlighted on the big screen. [. . .] “We have completed shootings at the casino at Rush Nightclub, Jolly Harbour and Jolly Castle Hotel and we will soon be filming a Rastafarian group (that lives) in the hills near Bethesda – the Bobo Shanti group – that will be making an appearance in the movie. There is also an action-packed scene involving a helicopter chase and a vehicle from Fig Tree Drive to Old Road,” Howell said.

Meanwhile, the six-foot tall guest star was accompanied by her mother and manager Rose who is of Jamaican-Chinese descent. She noted that her father is Nigerian, but she is also considering herself an Antiguan. [. . .] On this visit, the celebrity is also laying the groundwork to launch her “Princesses and Princes” reading club in Antigua.

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3 thoughts on “Barbee Eselebor in Jamaica and Antigua for “Secret 21”

  1. Hi Faith, just wanted to say that i seen you on splash,and feel in love with what you were saying, to be ture you made my heart skip a beat, haha. and you as a person. I loved the way that you were single and looking for a real also said that you were a boss chick. i am 31 an electrican by trade, but now have a small courier firm. i have no kids cus i wanted 2 find the right person to settle down.
    I LIKED the way you spoke of your farther and that he was from africa i have family in kenya and have there own coal mine.. if you have any time heat me back on are ye your photo is beautifull.
    Love ya Gareth Hainsley, x

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