Concert for a Cause in the Dominican Republic: Voces Amarillas

The cause? Education. “Voces Amarillas” [Yellow Voices] is a concert to be held on April 3, 2011, at Plaza España, staring at 4:00pm. The concert involves over 50 Dominican artists and musicians as well as the main radio and television hosts in the country, in an effort to bring attention to a popular demand that has been articulated in Dominican society since last year: the allocation of 4 per cent of the GDP for quality education in the Dominican Republic.

Featured artists and bands include Toque Profundo, Vicente García, Xiomara Fortuna, Boca Tabú, Janio Lora, Cerobit, Pablo Cavalo, Tribu del Sol, Marte o Venus, Giordano Morel, Circuito Negro, Pochi Familia, Roldán, and Los Hermanos Rosario, among many others.

Hosts for the event include Tania Baez, Stefany Fatule, Roberto Cavada, Miralba Ruiz, Yolanda Martínez, Luz Garcia, Bolívar Soto, Mario Peguero, Rene Castillo, Enrique Quely, Pamela Sued, Ico Abreu, Kenny Grullón, and Reymon & Miguel.

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3 thoughts on “Concert for a Cause in the Dominican Republic: Voces Amarillas

  1. Thanks for the informative post. There’s another concert for a cause that’s taking place right now in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Its proceeds will be for environmental causes. Learn more about it in this video:

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