Sargasso: Call for Cover Art

SARGASSO: a Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language and Culture, edited at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, is accepting cover art submissions for our upcoming issue “Placing the Archipelago: Interconnections and Extensions.”

The submission selected will be featured on the issue’s front cover.  The artist will receive a complimentary copy of the journal and her/his biography will be included in the volume.

Cover art may include painting, photography, mosaic, drawing, montage, mural and/or multimedia forms.  It should respond to the issue’s focus on comparative internal Caribbean dynamics and/or those of an extended Caribbean region.  Submissions can explore how place is situated, imagined, constructed and/or defined through the inter-relations and extensions of the Caribbean archipelago.

Submissions that fit a 51/8 x 8” ratio in JPEG or TIF format are due by April 30, 2011 and should be sent to and Please indicate “Sargasso cover art” in the subject line. 

For more information visit us at:

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