Bahamas Recycled Plastic T-shirts

Well, if wearing trash to make a point about the environment is your thing, you can buy a “Plastic is Forever” t-shirt designed by Dutch-born artist Barbara de Vries featuring plastic debris from the Bahamas.

The plastic debris, painstakingly gathered from the Bahamas, is sewn onto 750 limited edition organic cotton Loomstate t-shirts as part of a new environmental project by Netherlands-born artist and fashion designer Barbara de Vries.

The artist works to raise awareness about the state of the world’s plastic infested oceans via her art, jewellery and clothing lines.

The limited edition and numbered Plastic is Forever line of t-shirts are available at Barneys CO-OP stores throughout the USA. T-shirts sell for US$135 (€96). Ouch. Sounds like a lot for recycled garbage.

If you must, you can find more information at &

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