Pablo Picasso et al in Havana’s Museum of Fine Arts

Forty-one works by Pablo Picasso are part of a major exhibition of great artists of the 19th and 20th centuries under way in several venues in Havana, Cuba, such as the Universal Art Building (of the National Museum of Fine Arts) and the Wilfredo Lam Art Center. The exhibition, which opened in Havana at the end of February, includes works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, André Masson, Edouard Vuillard, and Roy Lichtenstein. The exhibition is on view until April 10, 2011, and will become part of Havana’s National Museum of Fine Arts’ permanent collection. The works were donated to the museum in early 2010 by Swiss-American philanthropist Gilbert Brownstone [see previous post Gilbert Brownstone Donates Important Artwork to Cuba.]

Last year, the collection was on view at the Arts Center of Holguín [see previous post Picasso’s paintings to go on display in Cuba next month.] Brownstone said he decided to make this gift to the people of Cuba because “no country in the world does so much for culture, as there is a government that prioritizes education and spiritual development of its citizens.” He reaffirmed that the donation is also dedicated to the Cuban Five, political prisoners in the U.S. since 1998 for fighting terrorism.

In the opening words of the Picasso collection “Imaginary Portraits,” Brownstone explained how in the 1980s Jacqueline Roque (also known as Jacqueline Picasso), Picasso’s widow, gave him these works that are now part of the cultural heritage of the Cuban nation.

Of the 41 works by Picasso, 12 belong to the series “Flora and Fauna of Antibes,” from the 1960s. The 29 other pieces form the “Imaginary Portraits” series and reflect the last period of his work, in which a more contemporary perspective rises above the Cubist style that characterized his work.

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Photo ( above,  Brownstone with a work by Alexander Calder; below, Pablo Picasso)

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