Silvio Rodríguez’s Performance Praised in the Dominican Republic

According to Escambray news, the Dominican press (and audiences, of course) was totally enchanted by Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez’s performance at the Gran Arena del Cibao Theatre in Santiago de los Caballeros. The show was completely packed. Silvio Rodríguez also received special recognition award for his contributions to Caribbean and Latin American music at the Casandra Awards.

The Dominican press stated that Rodríguez delighted the audience with his words and his sensitive soul. For example, Listin Diario published an article entitled “Silvio cantó para los angeles” [Silvio Sang for the Angels], in reference to his performance in this charity concert. Funds were collected for the children’s relief fund called Fundación Nido de Ángeles [Nest of Angels Foundation].

The press also extolled the singer’s voice, which “has not changed with the passing of time,” and mentioned that the artist offered a press conference at the León Center, where he spoke about education, politics, literature, present world threats, and about the Cuban Revolution.

According to Radio Havana Cuba, the Trovarroco trio accompanied Rodríguez during his performance in the Dominican Republic.

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