Trinidad Anglican Church Consecrates Reverend Canon Claude Berkley as Bishop Coadjutor

The Reverend Canon Claude Berkley, a Tobago-born priest who has served for 17 years in the Anglican Church in Trinidad and Tobago, became the first from his island to be a bishop in the church when he was consecrated at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-of-Spain to be the bishop coadjutor of the diocese. 

His consecration was the first to be conducted by His Grace the Archbishop of the West Indies, the Most Reverend Dr. John Holder, since he assumed that position in December 2009. Berkley is one of his former students at Codrington College, Barbados. 

Bishop Philip Wright of Belize preached the sermon and he gave this reminder to Berkley: “It won’t be long before you will have even greater influence on others than you currently do. I must warn you, however, that with this can come not only unrealistic, but unhealthy expectations of what you might be able to accomplish. [. . .] Let this revelation contain an honest disclosure of your own limitations; your need to ask questions and not always provide all the answers; and your desire to be yourself ever so often.” 

Before the service, the bishops, clergy and the candidate for ordination processed through the streets surrounding the cathedral. Bishop-elect Berkley then made his declaration of his belief in the Holy Scriptures; his promise to conform to the doctrine and worship of the church; and his pledge to obey the Archbishop of the West Indies. 

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In photo Bishop Claude Berkley (third from left with crozier) on the steps of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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