Puerto Rico to Decide on Statehood or Independence

Apparently, the Fortuño administration has been successful in steamrollering ahead with what many fear is an attempt to continue destabilization efforts until the island is “forced” to choose the road to statehood. As was the case with previous pro-statehood governors, the status issue is rushed to the fore. The major complaint we’ve been hearing is that the “new and improved” options are still blurry and ill-defined. [See previous posts U.S. Congress Approves Referendum on Puerto Rico’s Future and US task force holds hearing on Puerto Rico status.] Here is a brief article from Caribbean News Now:

A White House task force has endorsed a two stage referendum on Puerto Rico’s constitutional status. Under the plan, residents of the island would first be asked to choose between independence and remaining part of the United States.

If they choose ties with the U.S., they would be given statehood or current Commonwealth status as options. If they opt for independence, they would choose between free association and independence.

A BBC Caribbean report stated that, under “free association,” the U.S. will still provide defense and economic aid, but Puerto Ricans would no longer be U.S. citizens.

Since 1952, Puerto Rico has been a self-governing territory with broad internal autonomy but without the right to conduct its own foreign policy.

For original article, see http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-Puerto-Rico-to-decide-on-statehood-or-independence-5571.html

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