New Book: Abdoulaye Gaye’s “Jamaïque, La culture depuis l’indépendance”

Éditions de L’Harmattan has just published Abdoulaye Gaye’s Jamaïque: La culture depuis l’indépendance [Jamaica: Culture since Independence]. Devoted to the study of culture in Jamaica since independence, this work analyzes different expressions of identity in Jamaican social space, delineates the role of the State in the construction of identities as well as in the establishment of social relationships, and reflects on the evolution of artistic production in the contemporary period. This cultural study situates the reader in a Caribbean context marked by the heterogeneity and inventiveness of Creole productivity.

Author’s description: What have been the definitions of the notion of culture since independence in Jamaica? How were they theorized and implemented through cultural policies? What is the significance of cultural practices within the legitimate space of the postcolonial state? Jamaïque: La culture depuis l’indépendance responds to these questions by enhancing the relational ethos of Jamaican popular culture through an in-depth study of dancehall music.

Drawing upon Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of cultural legitimacy, the author also seeks to interrogate the distinctive pattern of reproduction of the hegemonic relationship between the dominant and dominated classes in Jamaica today. The study questions the low level of consciousness of symbolic domination that is displayed in dancehall music and explores the social strategies that can challenge and/or reproduce the hierarchically fixed discourse of cultural legitimacy.

Abdoulaye Gaye is a French scholar who holds a PhD in English from the University of Bordeaux 3. Jamaïque: La culture depuis l’indépendance (2011) is based on his doctoral dissertation.  

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