Book Presentation: Beba y la Isla Nena

Rafael Landrón will be in Vieques, Puerto Rico (where his story came to life) to present his children’s bilingual story book Beba y la Isla Nena / Beba and Little Sister Island (2010). Today, at 9:00am, he introduced the book at the Conde de Mirasol Fort Museum; tomorrow, March 19, 2011, he will present his book at the Vieques Artisan and Book Fair [Feria de Artesanía y Libros Viequenses] at 7:00pm.

The presentation will include readings and a multimedia large-screen show of the spectacular illustrations by María Antonia Ordóñez. Editor Mario Picayo will also participate in the event. In museum director Robert Rabin’s words, “the book is inspired by the Peace and justice movement that ended 60 years of U.S. Navy presence and practices on Vieques.  Manatees and other marine animals get together to stop bombing practices.”

Publisher’s description: This wonderful story, penned by talented new writer Rafael Landrón and gorgeously illustrated by award-winning artist María Antonia Ordóñez, is a timeless tale of courage, solidarity, love and justice set in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Beba, a young manatee, is summoned by her friends to travel and discover the origin of the thunderous noise they keep hearing coming from a nearby beach. She swims to the site, and discovers gigantic ships destroying their little island. What can a manatee and a group of animals do to stop the destruction? Plenty! As you will see when you read Beba and Little Sister Island.

Rafael Landrón is an emerging poet, performer, and writer. His works include The Bruised Mango, a collection of poems, and Rafi’s Antiwar Expressions, a Nuyorican response to the Iraq war. Beba and Little Sister Island is his first children’s book. Landrón is an adult educator at Boricua College.

María Antonia Ordóñez is a Cuban-Puerto Rican artist who lives in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. She studied art at the University of Puerto Rico, The Art Students’ League, the Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts, and Casa Candina. Ordóñez has been showing her work nationally and internationally since 1980. She has illustrated many children’s books, among them La peineta colorada [The Red Comb] by Fernando Picó and La cucarachita Martina, versions by Rosario Ferré and Carmen Rivera Izcoa.

[Many thanks to Robert Rabin for bringing this item to our attention.]

For more information or interviews with the author, you may contact Mario Picayo at (845) 559-4757 or the Conde de Mirasol Fort Museum at (787) 741-1717.

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