Harry Belafonte on Jamaica

Yardedge recenty featured the short film Jamaica Reflections (2006) in which Harry Belafonte speaks about his upbringing in Jamaica, the influence of Boca del Rio in the early years of his career, and “the ties between Jamaica and Black America.” Of special interest are his references to his strong memories of Jamaican milestones and historical trajectory, such as, Jamaica’s independence, his mother’s embracing of Marcus Garvey’s ideals, and the live example he witnessed of a people that “rebelled against [their] oppression, which he says gave him a sense of linkage. He also mentions the cultural importance of his first gold record with RCA, the album entitled Calypso.

In this documentary, Ambassador Andrew Young is also interviewed and his reminiscences take us back to the days when many public figures from the United States, such as Martin Luther King, spent extended periods of time in Jamaica. Coming from the U.S. south, he gained a sense of empowerment from his visits to Jamaica. Musician Hugh Masekela also speaks about what he considered is the special ambience of Jamaica, where he felt that “the African spirit lives forever, very intensely.”

See the film here:

For original post, go to http://www.yardedge.net/general/jamaica-some-reflections-by-harry-belafonte-andrew-young-and-hugh-masekela

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