CAW Magazine Features Trinidadian Artist GA Gardner

Award-winning writer, editor, and journalism professor Olive Vassell has just published a review (CAW) on Washington, DC-based Trinidadian artist GA Gardner. See excerpts with a link to the full review below:

GA Gardner will tell you he owes much of who he is as an artist to his upbringing in Trinidad. The internationally known painter and collagist credits his Caribbean homeland with instilling an appreciation for color, the wonders of nature, as well as providing early exposure to a variety of organic materials. “I grew up in a contemporary village, Diego Martin in Trinidad, where my house faced the lush green mountains. The lush foliage and blue sea, and the dramatic skies and clouds, to me they embody nature at its best and continue to inform my color selection as an artist.”

[. . .] In a recent Trinidad exhibition of his collages called “Pieces of a Puzzle,” Gardner showed his mastery in melding them all. His collages are striking – their dynamic, multi-layered construction speak to levels of complexity that encourage the viewer to look deeply and carefully at what is really being represented. Meanwhile, the bright primal, textured backgrounds infuse each piece with vitality.  [. . .] Gardner has maintained an appreciation for his homeland and the wealth of riches it has provided his art. “The Caribbean offered me a wonderful opportunity to develop as an artist. I learnt so much here about culture, environments and color, and this knowledge still informs my work today.”

For full review, see

Shown here, GA Gardner’s “Mask” and “Dream.”

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