Forthcoming Film: RasTa, A Soul’s Journey

With Patricia Scarlett and Stuart Samuels, “New School Rasta” Donisha Prendergast has taken on a cinematic challenge: to explore the spiritual legacy of her grandparents Bob and Rita Marley and bring it to the big screen. Directed by Samuels, RasTa: A Soul’s Journey is young woman’s global voyage to explore Rastafari’s historical roots and present day manifestations in different corners of the world. The feature-length documentary will premiere in Canada in October 2011.

Director/producer Stuart Samuels describes the film: “The vision for the film is to look at Rastafari from a global perspective, moving out from the more familiar images of Jamaica to the scope in which this religion and this movement has moved out beyond the tiny Caribbean Island. [. . .] Through Donisha we learn the history, the core values, [and] the cultural impact of a religion that was inspired by history and propagated through the music of her grandfather, helping us find new spiritual meaning in a fast changing chaotic world.”

Executive producer/producer Patricia Scarlett explains, “This project is a labour of love that has been six years in the making. It’s born out of the experience of having met Bob Marley in Montreal during my early teens and chance encounters with Rastafarians all around the world.  Our story is truly about ‘the movement of Jah people’ and their historical and cultural links to other peoples.” Prendergast says that the film will serve as a “catalyst to get more people thinking and talking about the Rastafarian message of love and unity.”

For photos, videos, and more information on the production of RasTa, see

[Photo above by Sabriya Simon.]

One thought on “Forthcoming Film: RasTa, A Soul’s Journey

  1. To whom it may concern. I would like very much to see the film Rasta a souls journey. Donisha is very inspiring person and would live to see what knowledge she has picked up from visiting the many countries she had travelled . Please can you either send a link to the film or advise me how I can see it. Kind Regards


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