Olga Tañón to Perform at the Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Olga Tañón, often called Mujer de Fuego [The Woman of Fire], stands as the female artist who has been more often included, a total of 15 times in Billboard’s Top 10 Latin Tropical Albums chart.

According to the list published weekly by Nielsen Sound Scan, the artist is located in the Top 10 in sales in the Billboard Latin Tropical Albums with her compilation 20 Grandes Éxitos, a production in 2 discs that gathers hits such as “Es mentiroso” [He’s a Liar], “Muchacho malo” [Bad Boy], “Sola” [Alone], “Mujer de fuego” [Woman of Fire], “¡Basta ya!” [Enough Already], “El frío de tu adiós” [The Coldness of Your Goodbye], “Cómo olvidar” [How to Forget], and “Así es la vida” [Such is Life], among many others. 

Lamusica.com believes that this new achievement foreshadows the sixteenth Top Ten position for Olga Tañón, who on April 26 will launch her new album Ni una lágrima más [Not One More Tear], which includes several collaborations. This new project also contains her two new singles “Ni una lágrima más” and “You Need to Know.”

Tañón is now on her popular Ni Una Lágrima Más International Tour, a renewed show in which she is presenting the best of more than 20 years of her impeccable musical career.  Tañón will be performing this coming weekend in the Carnival of Barranquilla in Colombia.

For original article, see http://lamusica.com/La_Mujer_de_Fuego_Olga_Tan_tri.html

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