Gyptian and Etana on U.S. Tour

Reggae singers Gyptian and Etana (both recording for VP Records) teamed up this season for a 2011 tour of select venues in the United States. The set of shows will culminate on March 11 in Columbus, Ohio. The Jamaica Observer reports:

Etana is promoting her new album Free Expressions, which was released on February 8. This, her sophomore studio effort, sees a softer side of the songbird and features long-time hit singles such as “Free, Happy Heart” and “August Town.” Her new single “People Talk” has people talking and its video is in the can and about to hit airwaves shortly.

Gyptian has been busy touring the globe ever since the release of his album Hold You, back in July 2010. Enjoying the success of his breakout single and Billboard hit “Hold You,” the soulful singer has been taking his catalogue to longtime fans and gaining new ones as he continues on his musical journey. Gyptian is currently armed with the single “Nah Let Go,” which he says is currently enjoying airplay worldwide.

For full article, see–Gyptian-team-up-on-tour_8463417

One thought on “Gyptian and Etana on U.S. Tour

  1. Great to read about these. I love both Etana and Gyptian and I am hoping they will be in my area.

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