Trinidad and Tobago debates same-sex unions

Rex Wockner reports for the Bay Windows newspaper.
The Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of a debate about recognition of same-sex unions.
The matter arose when some senators objected to the fact that same-sex couples are excluded from proposed amendments to a law that pays a month’s salary to the next of kin of a civil servant who passes away.
The amendments reportedly will add unmarried opposite-sex partners and children born out of wedlock.
The local group Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation said it was surprised by the political debate and had not considered proposing recognition of same-sex unions at this juncture, given that local LGBT people have more basic concerns.
The organization suggested that the government decriminalize gay sex, address anti-gay discrimination, deal with hate crimes and homelessness, train homophobic police officers, and make schools safer for LGBT people.

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10 thoughts on “Trinidad and Tobago debates same-sex unions

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