New Issue: sx salon 3

The third issue of sx salon—a Small Axe literary platform—is now live.

Along with the Reviews, Poetry, Prose, and Interview sections, this issue marks the launch of its Poetry & Prose section, edited by associate managing director Andrea Shaw. Managing director Kelly Baker Josephs also introduces another new feature: the expansion of sx salon’s Discussion section.

In this issue, Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert and I feel honored to participate in the discussion—“Caribbean Arts and Culture Online”—to speak about the development of our pan-Caribbeanist project, Repeating Islands, in the context of the past, present, and future of Caribbean culture online. Coincidentally, sx salon 3 went live yesterday, February 27, the day we were celebrating our blog’s two-year anniversary!

We are pleased to join Geoffrey Philp, who contemplates the benefits and dangers inherent in the “nekkid prose” of blogs; Frederic Marc, who speaks of online spaces as rhizomatic, constantly “redefining” Caribbean perspectives and issues; Edwin STATS Houghton and Rishi Bonneville, exploring the new dancehall economy and its implications; and Nicholas Laughlin, who discusses his fascinating online projects while defining the Caribbean “infosphere” as a “medium to advance the democracy of ideas.”

The editors remind their readers that the 2011 Small Axe Literary Competition is now open for poetry and short prose submissions. The deadline for entries has been extended to May 31. 

See sx salon 3 at

For our piece, “Repeating Islands: Caribbean Cultures in Cyberspace,” see

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