CFP: (In)visible Cosmovisions

The Graduate Students of the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at the University of Pittsburgh are pleased to announce the Third Biannual (des)articulaciones Conference:

(In)visible Cosmovisions: Dialogues in Afro and Indigenous Latin America and the Caribbean

October 21-22, 2011

Keynote Speaker:

Catherine Walsh

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Quito, Ecuador

With the emergence of subaltern and postcolonial studies over the past quarter century, scholars have increasingly shifted attention to the political, epistemic, and poetic force of indigenous and Afro-descendent communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Nonetheless, the potential analogies and resonances between the worldviews, textualities, and recurrent political struggles of these populations remain largely overlooked and underexplored.

Considering the current historical conjuncture, in particular the ethos of multiculturalism and pluri-ethnicity in several republics, new constitutions, and the bicentennial, (des)articulaciones 2011 seeks to create a productive dialogue between these perspectives and explore new possibilities for decolonizing conceptual frameworks in the 21st century.  Papers that address either indigenous or Afro-Latino/ Caribbean issues are welcome; discussions pertinent to the two are especially encouraged.  Potential topics may include, but are not limited to, the following areas of inquiry:

  • Dialogues with Western philosophy and literary traditions
  • Rereadings and rewritings of the canon
  • Future directions for subaltern and postcolonial studies
  • Indigenous and African diasporas and the politics of exile
  • Intersections with gender, feminist, and queer concerns

For the purposes of promoting dialogue among participants, proposals for papers in English or Spanish are preferred.  Presentations are limited to 20 minutes each.  Please prepare your abstract for blind review; include a separate page with the title of the presentation, your name/s, institutional affiliation, mailing address, and e-mail address. Conference registration will be $20 for selected participants.

Please submit a 250-300 word abstract in Microsoft Word format to: by April 1, 2011

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