Silvio Rodríguez to make film debut

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez will make his acting debut in a film by director Rudy Mora. The film is based on a show performed by La Colmenita Theatre Company, and is the first film work of the director. The singer’s music will be the conductor thread of Y Sin Embargo Se Mueve and he will play a custodian in a conservatory who is a witness of the drama.

The director, Mora, who is known for his success in soap operas and music videos, is also the playwright and said that the story is about the power of dreams and is full of fantasy. Adults and children will enjoy its universal significance.

The theatre company led by Juan Carlos Cremata is ambassador of good will to UNICEF and will perform the plot of the film that includes 14 of the oldest songs composed by Silvio. It is based on a literary work of Russian playwright Alexander Jmélik. (RHC).

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