Ivonne Orsini Makes Her Acting Debut in Madrid

As the Puerto Rico Daily Sun reports, “Once a shy volleyball player, Ivonne Orsini (Miss World Puerto Rico 2008) is making it big in Spain as an actress, super model, spokesperson, and television personality.” Her face is a familiar one in magazines and on billboards all over the European country she now calls home, and she is now involved in acting; she has a role in the new comedic musical play “Cacao Documental,” which has been a big success with both the critics and the audience.

Her stellar career began three years ago, with her participation in a beauty pageant, Miss World Puerto Rico. Although beauty pageants have been criticized by many, the 22-year-old says that the pageant helped her gain “confidence, self-esteem, maturity, and skills that otherwise would have taken me years to learn.” A former athlete and San Juan native, Orsini was one of the 12 semifinalists—there were 120 candidates —but she didn’t win the world crown in 2008. She won the Caribbean Queen Title. The stunning 5 foot 10 inch beauty queen also won one of the 20 coveted spots to star in the Spanish reality series “Supervivientes,” which was watched by almost four million viewers worldwide. The article enthuses, “Orsini quickly became a favorite with audiences everywhere. She projected herself as a sweet young woman who had the character to accept and win every challenge.”

One of those offers is acting in Juan José Alonso Millán’s “Cacao Documental,” a comedy that premiered this month in Madrid’s La Boite del Pintor Theater on Goya Street. The comedy is a seven-sketch musical satire that deals with current issues affecting Spaniards: unemployment, prostitution, sex and love, among other dilemmas. To prepare for the play, Orsini had to work with her voice and master various foreign accents, because she not only sings but interprets women from different nationalities and regions in Spain. Orsini plays seven characters in the demanding piece, in which she also sings and dances, fulfilling another passion of hers.

For full article (in English), see http://www.prdailysun.com/news/Ivonne-Orsini-Snatches-success-in-Spain

For more information (in Spanish), see http://www.elnuevodia.com/haramusicalcomicoenespana-864622.html

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