The 14th Grand Gala of the Puerto Rico Museum of Art

The 14th Grand Gala of the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR), this year dubbed “Caribbean Treasure,” will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011. The gala is inspired by the work “Flora of Puerto Rico,” in which artist Angel Botello Barros (1913-1986) depicted island’s geographic area reflected filled with a tropical landscape and sitting in the middle of a golden sea, evoking the richness of the West Indies.

According to Zoila Levis, President of the Board of Trustees of the institution, the money raised at the gala through ticket sales will be used to maintain and expand services offered to visitors of the Museum especially the students. For each ticket purchased, a student from the public system will receive a free membership to visit the Museum for one year.

The decor of the Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel and Casino will be organized by Julio Cintrón and Emilio Olabarrieta de Arquetipo, who will use the colors and the elements highlighted in Botello’s work to create a modern and welcoming space. Chef Rocío Varela, with the hotel’s banquet team is responsible for designing a menu that will focus on Caribbean culinary delights. The musical program will include the Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz’s Orchestra and the merengue-singer Johnny Ventura. The after party will include the participation of Cuenta Regresiva.  

For more information and tickets, you may contact Myrna z. Pérez, Director of the Development Department of the MAPR at (787) 977-4449 or (787) 977-4403.

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