New Book: Dagoberto Tejeda’s “Vida cotidiana del Santo Domingo colonial”

Vida cotidiana del Santo Domingo colonial [Daily Life of Colonial Santo Domingo] (Editora Nacional, 2011) by leading sociologist Dagoberto Tejeda will be launched on February 22, 2011, at the Ramón Oviedo Room at the Ministry of Culture in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Description: For an approximate idea of the daily life of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in Santo Domingo, its colonial folklore, festivities, beliefs, legend, and traditions, one must challenge appearances and often read between the lines, looking for notes, fragments, or scraps, which must be interpreted in their contexts and, above all, make use of a historical ‘logic’ with all its ideological weaknesses of objectivity and prejudices. This is what this essay achieves to perfection. Vida cotidiana del Santo Domingo colonial shows that creativity is the mayor lesson from that historical process, by defining a sense of belonging, with pride of identity, which culminates in the definition of the Dominican-ness.

Dagoberto Tejeda is a Dominican folklorist and sociologist. He has taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (where he was also the chair of the sociology department) as well as the APEC, Inter-American, and Central del Este Universities. He is member of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic and was the recipient of the International Casa del Caribe Award in Santiago de Cuba. He is director of the Dominican Institute of Folklore Foundation (INDEFOLK) and National Counselor of Folklore of the Culture Secretariat of State. Tejeda is the author of numerous books including Cultura Popular e Identidad Nacional; El Carnaval Dominicano: Antecedentes, Tendencias y Perspectivas; Los carnavales del carnaval; Calendario folklórico dominicano; Imágenes del Carnaval Oriental 2001; Los negros de la Sarandunga de Baní; Vudú y Religiosidad Popular Dominicana; and Atlas Folklórico de la República Dominicana, among many others.

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