Haitians protest Jamaica’s ouster of U17 team

Hundreds of Haitians marched through the capital Saturday to protest the ouster of the country’s youth football squad from the CONCACAF Under-17 Championship in Jamaica for health reasons, the Associated Press reports.

The team’s players were given blood tests when they arrived in Jamaica earlier this month to compete in the tournament, which will determine the four CONCACAF teams to advance to the 2011 FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Mexico this summer.

Several Haitian players were quarantined after at least two of them tested positive for malaria and others showed early symptoms including fever and headaches.

After the test results came back, Jamaica’s Ministry of Health recommended to CONCACAF officials earlier this week that the Haitian squad be forced to withdraw from the tournament for health reasons. The team had only played one of its scheduled matches, losing to Costa Rica 3-1. Most of the team was flown out of Jamaica on Wednesday.

In a statement, Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Kenneth Baugh said the government appreciates the “disappointment that this has caused, but the decision was unavoidable and necessary in order to safeguard public health.”

Malaria is transmitted exclusively through bites of Anopheles mosquitoes, according to the World Health Organization.

Yves Jean Bart, president of the Haitian Football Federation, said Saturday that the Haitian team was unjustly forced to withdraw from the tournament and called for FIFA to sanction Jamaica.

“This is an outrage. They think that all Haitians are diseased,” he said during the march, which drew about 1,500 people. “They have been training for two years, and now they’ve been eliminated. They want to play, they want to win. They forced us to leave, but we will keep practicing.”

Jhon Miky Benchy Estama, the Haitian team’s 16-year-old captain, said he was depressed by his experience in Jamaica, his first trip off the island of Hispaniola.

“We all felt very sad because we worked so hard to get there. I think it was very unfair,” he said as he gathered with his teammates after the protest broke up.

Magalie Comeau Denis, one of the organizers of the rally and special adviser to Haiti’s Ministry of Culture and Communication, said she planned to urge Haitians to boycott Jamaican products.

“We won’t allow Jamaica to humiliate us and especially our children,” she said. “It’s a matter of the stigmatization of Haiti.”

For the original report go to http://www.usatoday.com/sports/soccer/2011-02-19-264806107_x.htm

25 thoughts on “Haitians protest Jamaica’s ouster of U17 team

  1. Jamaicans display a disdain towards Haitians that’s shocking and difficult to understand. There’s a sort of unspoken conspiracy between the Jamaican press, the Jamaican government, and political leaders to blame Haiti for all the ills that Jamaica’s leadership doesn’t want to face up to, and the people are buying it because it’s wrapped in haughtier-than-thou nationalistic ferver. There are so many Jamaicans living in the south of Haiti involved in the marijuana trade (they also buy guns and send them to Haiti via the Jamaican “fishermen” who bring the marijuana) but in Jamaica the media portray this as Haitians swamping Jamaica with guns. Haiti should simply expel the Jamaicans!

    1. U big dummy….r u saying that the Jamaicans should have allowed the disease infected cholera and malaria inhabitants to infect there country

  2. Im sorry, what does the ganja/gun trade have to do with one set of people infecting a larger set of people with malaria?

    1. How exactly does one group of people infect another with malaria? We need to be very careful about making blanket statements about Jamaicans as a people. It is unjust and will not help resolve this situation. However, I have trouble grasping the logic behind the idea that a group of people can infect another with malaria, when we’re talking about a disease that is not transmitted via human contact.

  3. I Dont know how exactly malaria work, perhaps I should google the info. But from what I understand if a person is infected and is around other persons that are not infected all you need is to through some mosquito into the mix and shortly everyone is infected.
    So you see, its not the human to human contact that is the problem. Its the infected human to mosquito to un-infected human(which now becomes infected due the mosquito bite) that is the problem.
    the Jamaican health services are already strained ( I had to take whole day off work to that a test that lasted all of 2 minutes) why should we have to deal with a group of people who contributed nothing in terms of taxes to the health services.
    And had we allowed them in and expose other persons to malaria what would be the cry them,” Jamaica should have known better”

  4. You might want to read further information on this situation. The Haitian delegation arrived in Jamaica on February 3, more than 10 days before they were forced to leave. So, it’s quite likely that the boys were infected with malaria in Jamaica. And perhaps if Jamaica’s health services are so taxed, they should rethink hosting international competitions. Human beings get sick. It happens all the time. It’s not a reason to treat them like criminals or unwanted pests.

  5. That is an assumption, you have no proof to support the idea that they may have been infected here.
    And, its because our health services are so taxed why we dont want any other sick people here. We may have a taxed health service but we dont have people dropping like flies all around us.
    Its a sports competition NOT a ” I hope i dont get sick because Jamaica wont be able to provide health service for me competition” And Im quite sure that the Ministry of health has made provision to aid anybody( Jamaicans and non Jamaicans) that may get sick or injured during the competition. Im very sure that they wont have to take a day off to take a two minute test like I did. You see, it all about prevent and not reaction which is why “flea quad” got netted in the first
    PS dont bother replying…I have had enough of you.

  6. I did not state with certainty that the players were infected in Jamaica, so it is not an assumption, but rather, a possibility. Obviously the provisions made to help those who became sick were to expulse them from the country. I am not sure what your personal problem with me is, so I won’t address that.

  7. You Haitians are ungrateful Jamaica rack up millions trying to help u in the earthquake and the flood….and because they send home your players because of malaria you all have something to say make sure no more Haitians flee to Jamaica again when Any thing Happen in your country #ungrateful and #Wicked people you Haitians are.

    1. And what I wish for you is that you never have to suffer any Naturel Disasters like the haitians did in the last 36 months. There lies the huge divide between Haitians and Jamaicans such as yourself.
      Ignorance is Bliss.

    2. It was a natural disaster, we didn’t ask Jamaica for millions. I believed it was a good hearted gesture on their part. However, if you feel that haitians have been ungrateful, I want you to know that they didn’t mean to be. They just don’t want to revert into a master/slave relationship for a piece of bread.


      1. Ok, this going too far now. Perhaps we should look at it from everybody’s point t of view:
        *If I were an Haitian I would be piss off too at not getting to play in the game. I would probably think that its unfortunate that we suffered such ills and does not deserve to be punished for it.
        *On the other hand Jamaica has the right to protect it’s self. And if we take action to do so it our right.

  8. Based on Jamaica’s attitude, Haiti should also expell all the UN troops from the country since they brought in the Cholera…. And where do we go from here? Ignorance is ignorance, plain and simple…..

    1. Yep! expel them! expel them! If they are making your situation worse off why NOT!

      Are the UN troops drinking the same water to wash,bath and go to the toilette in ?

  9. The conduct of the Haitians in this matter reflects how unsportmanlike Haitians are. We found out about your illness by accident, the delegation did not see it fit to come forward and say that there were persons with symptoms of malaria. Instead an attempt was made to conceal it so they could participate in the world cup with scant regard for every other team.

    I don’t know what conspiaracy you are all talking about. Please by all means go ahead and boycott our food items because to my knowledge we were sending our food items there free. Just send the memo to the others who feel compelled to wash up here by boat loads so they can boycott here too.

    You people want to contaminate a whole nation and other teams in the bid to show case talent. Selfish. I hope you all remember who raced to your aid on January 12th last year and remained even after other Caricom nationals had pulled out. We could have used those resources for other Jamaicans that are hungry here because of our caring disposition we gave it to you. You are not all worth the trouble you are causing. Ungrateful wretches.

  10. @Sonjeextase you can just fuck right off. We were all warned about your nation we thought better to listen to what others had to say. If I had any say in the matter I would’nt even bother to meet with you for fear that you are contaminated.
    Instead of this blame game re the guns for gun trade what both nations should do is find a way to improve our standard of living through the eradication of poverty. Clearly you people think the world owes you something. We have all gone through hardships, hurricanes, earthquakes but you want special treatment. Jerks.

  11. You Haitian have gone shot yourselves in the legs. Do you think any body be lining up to help you now?

    sarry fi naaga daay naaga daag tun roun bite yuh!

  12. Im a Jamaican and I would like to apologise to the haitians when this incidence took place. What you encountered were NOT the typical Jamaican populace, the Jamaican population do NOT hate nor feel any disdain towards haiti. The people you encountered at that time were the upperclass earners who hold jobs in certain fields and give orders on what is to be done. The poorer class jamaicans are going through the same prejudice and scorn on a daily basis there, because you are an haitian looking in you might think otherwise but its not so. There is an ongoing psychological warfare taking place between the upperclass and the poorer and middle income earners there. The upperclass mostly made up of whites, asians, arabs, jews, sirians, they own large food chains, hotels and a number of other businesses eventhough the majority in our government have darkskin they sometimes have to walk on chalkline there. Our two major papers the gleaner, observer even the star are all jew owned and most of our news outlets are controlled and run by jews. If for instance you see an article written about haiti trying to belittle the haitian people in any of our papers, and the person did not put up any picture of themselves, they just put any name, chances are its not a black jamaican. The same prejudice the haitians encounter are the same our black singers politicians, business owners are going through.

    There is pure classism running the country and it has caused many black jamaicans to feel isolated. This newspaper the Abeng is run by black jamaicans you will feel more comfortable reading it.

    1. Star orange I think you are different than the other Jamaican that was speaking earlier. you probably have a little more education

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