Dance: Les Twins

Neo-Griot recently featured the dancing twins, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois aka Ca-Blaze et Lil’Beast, but much better known as Les Twins. I had never heard of them before, but after watching a single video of one of their performances, I was fascinated. They are truly amazing dancers. Internationally known as New Style Hip-Hop dancers, they are members of a larger group of dancers known as the Criminalz as well as the Pas de Quartiers troupe.

Born December 6, 1988, these two young boys quickly developed a passion for hip-hop dance and spend days and nights honing their skills. Living in Sarcelles (Val of Oise, France) with their mother and 18 siblings, these Caribbean twins blessed with real talent quickly drew attention to themselves and their skills. On the one hand, [they drew attention] in the Incredible Talent 2008 show where they got to semi-finals, but also on stage or music videos with Les Déesses, La Fouine, Magic System, Sheryfa Luna, Houcine, etc. The Twins, and their own particular “Twinstyle,” have won serval awards including Revelation of Juste Debout 2008 and Revelation for Off d’Avignon in 2007. To understand why everyone is making a big deal about them, you must watch them in action.

[In most articles, Les Twins and/or their mother are described as “Caribbean” (Antillais). If any one of our readers has more precise information, please add a comment!]

Watch Les Twins here:

For other videos of Les Twins performances, see and

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9 thoughts on “Dance: Les Twins

  1. Its really amazing dance and very catchy to see the action they way you move guys I just surprised how come les twins not popular at uk so keep it up and good luck. Love it guys good bless you

  2. i luv the les twins and they are amazing dancers they should really consider making their own clothing line for girls and boys cause of the way they dress with their pants on backwords for girls and boys

  3. I saw a clip in Youtube, where they where interviewing them,…and they Said they are from Guadalupe! The Carribean!

  4. I just recently became aware of them, although I saw them in a Beyonce video. For the past week I have watched over 3,000 youtube videos with them. And I am still wanting more and more.

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