Fidel Castro Reiterates That the Human Race is in Danger of Extinction

Baiganchoka reports that, during a meeting with intellectuals participating in the Cuba 2011 International Book Fair in Havana, Fidel Castro reiterated that the human race is in imminent danger of real disappearance. See excerpts with a link to the full article below:

“I’m optimistic, and I believe in the protection of man, that’s why efforts should be made now to prevent such an event,” explained the leader of the Cuban Revolution in a meeting with renowned philosophers, historians, creators and journalists from different continents attending the Fair. Intellectuals, explained Fidel, play a vital role to prevent, from ideas and with persuasion, the extinction of life on Earth, a disappearance that seems to be closer every day, in a planet with wars in different parts.

He underlined that the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in World War II, are the most terrible acts committed against man. The sole use of 100 nuclear weapons in this moment would cause a nuclear winter, which will cover the entire planet and will prevent us from seeing the sun, argued Fidel, who –since the Summit of Rio in 1992- warned the world about problems like desertification, climate change and the danger of disappearance of the human race.

We haven’t stopped fighting for a different life, which each person in the world is entitled to, expressed the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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