Cristian Castro Records with Dominican Artists for New Album “Caribe”

Highlighting his love of Caribbean music, Mexican singer Cristian Castro has paired up with a variety of Dominican artists for his forthcoming album Caribe. He has traveled to the Dominican Republic for his series of tribute concerts for José José—“Viva el Príncipe” [Long Live the Prince; José José is known as “Príncipe de la Canción,” the Prince of Song]. He is also working on several duets for numbers that will include bachata, merengue, and salsa.

La Nación Dominicana reports that he has already recorded a song with his friend Anthony Romeo, leader of the group Aventura. He also plans to invite Fernando Villalona for this production.  So far final decisions have not been made, but the singer said that he would love to sing with Chichí Peralta and Juan Luis Guerra. He told the press that his new production will include many new songs and several interpretations of classic pieces. So far has not decided with whom he will record the salsa themes but he expressed his excitement at integrating island music saying, “I love Caribbean music and I feel great affection for the Dominican Republic.”

His other projects include filming a movie in Argentina, completing a Christian music CD, and to continue with his tribute to famed Mexican singer José José, who is best known for his romantic ballads. Castro’s plan is to record four CDs with a large part of the latter’s classic repertoire to honor the artist that marked his own life and his artistic career.  His tribute CD Viva el Príncipe CD has already sold more than 120 thousand copies. The idea of recording this tribute came about when the Latin Grammy Awards paid tribute to José José and Castro performed “La nave del olvido” [The Ship of Oblivion]. He says, “At that precise moment, after I performed the song and got off the stage to embrace José, was born a desire to honor this man, who is like a father to me.”

When interviewed for this article, Castro took the opportunity to back Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin for making a public statement admitting that he is gay. He stated that Martin is a winner due to his honesty.

Listen to Castro’s “Volver a amar” here: 

For his interpretation of José José’s “Gavilán o paloma” see:

For full article (in Spanish), see

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