XIV Santo Domingo International Book Fair

XIV Santo Domingo International Book Fair in the Dominican Republic will be dedicated to Monsignor Francisco J. Arnaiz and Father José Luis Sáez. The Minister of Culture José Rafael Lantigua noted that both priests were selected taking into account that the Holy See will be the guest of honor of the event, and that  this will mark the 500 years of the establishment of the Dioceses of Santo Domingo and La Vega.  

Lantigua explained that Monsignor Arnaiz been the leading intellectual figure of the Catholic Church, an author and scholar of social phenomena and that father José Luis Sáez is the most important Catholic writer in the history of the Dominican church, author of various works in the field of historical research. He also noted that Sáez is one of the introducers of film analysis in the Dominican Republic, “something that deserves to be highlighted at a time when cinema becomes an industry with a great future in our country.” Since both priests belong to the Jesuit Order, Lantigua stressed that the recognition to these two priests is also a tribute to the congregation founded by St. Ignatius Loyola.  

Monsignor Arnaiz, aged 86, was born in Bilbao, Spain. He studied philosophy, theology and classical humanities. He was ordained in 1955, worked in Cuba, and arrived in Santo Domingo in 1961. Here, he worked with academics, trade unionists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and students, and founded the Centro de Investigación y Acción Social (CIAS) [Center for Research and Social Action]. He has been dean of the Pontifical Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary, and Secretary of the Conference of the Dominican Episcopate. He is author of numerous books, Datos y análisis para la historia (1981); Más luces que sombras (1989); San Ignacio de Loyola, por dentro (1991); Bitácoras, yelmos y cruces (1992); Jesús de Nazareth, fisonomía, nombres y títulos (1996); Palabras breves y palabras largas (1999); San Ignacio de Loyola, maestro de la vida en el espíritu (2001); and La madurez de los pueblos exige tiempo (2006), among others.

Father José Luis Sáez is 74 years, and was born in Valencia, Spain. He has resided in Santo Domingo since his teenage years and became a Dominican citizen in 1967. He studied in the United States: humanities at Fordham University in New York; theology at Woodstock College in Maryland; and television and film at Columbia University in New York. Sáez was ordained in 1970 and between 1967 and 1973 served as film critic for various newspapers in the country. He taught courses in film and social communication at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and the Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. His works include Teoría del cine: apuntes sobre el arte de nuestro tiempo (1974); Un mártir brotó del Cabo (1978); Testigos de la esperanza (1979); Historia de un sueño importando: Ensayos sobre el Cine en Santo Domingo (1982); La Iglesia y el negro esclavo en Santo Domingo (1994); Los hospitales de la ciudad colonial de Santo Domingo (1996); Papeles del Padre Fuertes (1989); Apuntes para la historia de la cultura dominicana (1997); La formación sacerdotal en Santo Domingo, desde el Concilio de Trento a la fundación de la República (1999); and El vicario apostólico Santanché (2009), among others. It has also written biographies of important men of the Church such as Bishop Ricardo Pittini, Archbishop Portes; Father Fantino, and Archbishop Mena, among others.  

The homage that the Ministry of Culture will dedicate to both priests will include discussion on their literary work and contributions to Dominican society.

For full report (in Spanish), see http://www.lanaciondominicana.com/ver_noticia.php?id_noticia=25476&sesion_periodico=28

Photo of Monsignor Arnaiz from http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2011/1/8/38219/Senior-bishop-slams-government-officials-as-privateers

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