New Book: Analyse du discours littéraire antillais

José Manuel Cruz Rodríguez’s book Analyse du discours littéraire antillais, Le roman de la plantation: Glissant et Confiant [Analysis of Caribbean Literary Discourse, the Plantation Novel: Glissant and Confiant] has just been published by Editions Universitaires Européennes.  

This book focuses on the approaches taken by Edouard Glissant and Raphaël Confiant, respectively, to recreate Martinican culture in the novels La Case du commandeur (1981) and Commandeur du sucre (1994). Do these novels, which claim to reflect Martinican identity according to historical, geographical, ethnic, and human parameters, match their respective poetics: Antillanité and Créolité? The literary corpus of both scholars, with attention to their deployment of repeated lexical-semantic structures, are considered to explore the (re)visions they elaborate about their culture and country. The study helps establish similarities and differences in the aspects analyzed within the framework of two poetics in the novels published in the last two decades of the twentieth century.

José Manuel Cruz Rodríguez holds a PhD in Language Sciences from the University of Paris XIII. He is a professor at the University of the Antilles and Universidad de la Laguna in the Canary Islands. In 2009 he received the Caribbean Studies Association’s Best Dissertation Award. His research centers on images of the Caribbean and the plantation novel.

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