The Bahamas: Viral Movements Music Conference

Today (Saturday, February 5, 2011), panelists, organizers and guest artists have arrived in Grand Bahama Island, for the Viral Movements Music Conference. The conference takes place all day at the Pelican Bay Hotel in Lucaya (at their newly opened Canal House conference and meeting center). The conference includes lectures, live performances, and an after party (beginning at 9:00pm).

More information linked below:

Viral Movements aims to introduce to the Bahamian entertainment industry the power of new media by facilitating this seminar via Voice-over IP and distance learning tools. Viral Movements offers access at a fraction of the cost with similar goals to that of the Power Summit hosted during 2005 in Freeport. The seminar allows for more intimate networking and showcasing opportunities, while providing a digital footprint for all participants.  

The main objective is to facilitate the growth of a viable entertainment industry in the Bahamas and export that product internationally [and], to educate virtually and physically, [and to] provide attendees with information that they use to position themselves and brand on a global scale.

The event is hosted by Sophia Lightbourne, formerly known as DJ Shorty [and] currently known as Da Lioness. Lioness was the first female DJ out of the Bahamas to tour internationally, performing all over the Bahamas, Caribbean, US and Canada.

For more information, go to viralmovements/viralmovements

See full article and at

More links:

Register for the 1st annual Viral Movements Music Conference, Saturday, February 5th

Viral Movements Music Conference AfterParty, February 5th

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