Director of New Trinidadian Film—3 Line—Speaks about the Industry

Trinidad and Tobago filmmakers, Christopher Anthony Din Chong and Mikkell Khan are poised to bring international recognition to the twin-island country through their first feature length film project, 3 Line, a supernatural horror film. explains: “3 Line is a fictional movie set in a quaint rural fishing village. Six friends are preyed upon by a family of sadists as they shoot an investigative documentary in a supposed paradise. The protagonist Marcus, played by Christopher Anthony Din Chong, convinces his project team to investigate myths and folklore in the remote area and to film a documentary exposing the truth behind certain strange occurrences. [. . .] The story twist is unlike any other; the use of Western traditions as well as Caribbean history and folklore will leave the viewer terrified.”

Last week, the film’s co-producer and co-director Christopher Anthony Din Chong delivered a talk at the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate General in New York about the future and potential of Caribbean film. The presentation, entitled The Economic Evolution through New Media,illustrated how “a vibrant motion picture, television and digital media production industry can make a significant contribution to the economy as well as cultural development” of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean at large. Din Chong highlighted film and related media as a feasible alternative to the oil and natural gas industries in the country.

During the presentation, the director presented an in depth teaser of 3 Line, which is scheduled for release this year, as well as a sneak peak of the new reality series In the Making hosted by Synergy TV personality Verbena Siblal. Both of those media products were produced by Din Chong’s company Forward Ever Films in collaboration with his associate Mikkell Khan and his company Diamond Films.

For further information on Forward Ever Films, Diamond Films, and their projects, you may contact (868) 221- 0840 or

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Photo: Christopher Anthony Din Chong and Mikkell Khan

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