The Mighty Sparrow is Back

Caribbean News Now writes, “Despite reports of a serious illness a few months ago, the Mighty Sparrow is back… fit as a fiddle and is now in Port of Spain, Trinidad, preparing for Carnival.” Apparently, the dynamic calypso icon surprised people at Piarco Airport this weekend as he sang and danced his way through the terminal on his return to Trinidad.

“The Birdie,” as he is fondly called, was met by Congress of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran, who is also Minister of Finance, and Senator Patrick Watson, and is scheduled to perform for the first installment of the COP’s “Patriotic Services” today (January 31, 2011). Dookeran welcomed Sparrow back home and said he was happy to have the “the Calypso King of the World” in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival.

Sparrow was previously in poor health, according to various sources, but he showed no signs of illness upon his arrival. As fans surrounded the legendary calypso singer and sang the verses of “Sparrow Come Back Home,” the artist said, “I feel good. When you reach a certain age, yuh hatta walk ah lil different tuh when you was younger, right?”

For full article, see—sang-and-danced-his-way-through-Piarco-airport-4775.html

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