ARC: New Art Magazine Launched

Two Vincentians—Holly Bynoe, a visual artist and Nadia Huggins, a digital photographer—have just released the inaugural issue of ARC, a quarterly produced 80-page magazine focusing on works by contemporary artists practicing in the Caribbean and its diaspora. Featured artists from Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica, Haiti, and Jamaica, represent a variety of media, including photography, film and video, painting, graphic illustration, mixed media, performance and poetry.

Bynoe and Huggins explain that ARC, as an acronym, refers to Art, Recognition, and Culture, but, they say, “we prefer to refer to it as a projected motion that goes up, out and beyond into a space of curiosity.” 

Description: ARC presents a formula, an experiment, an imaginative body of curatorial work, which shows the trajectory and the motion of artists who practice within a contemporary space that has become scattered and nebulous, one without boundaries. Within their collective networks, they are finding it necessary to make the common man and the aficionado aware of possibilities in art, its evolution, trends and ‘personalities’. They also feel the need to provide a forum that celebrates creativity, its determination, dialogue and pleasure. It is their hope to inspire and give voice to a new generation of independent, emerging artists who remain fearless while battling the parts, fractions and whole of their varied cultures. ARC gives permission to artists to negotiate their own space by offering a neutral ground that permits discourse.

ARC frames its content in sections: SPOTLIGHT highlights emerging artists; 24FPS presents a survey of established and experimental filmmakers; THE GRADIENT features conversations between artists; and COLLECTIONS showcases the portfolios of three artists.

With this collection and philosophy in mind, ARC demonstrates the rich and dynamic undercurrents of the current generation of contemporary Caribbean artists and their global experiences.  ARC Magazine—an independent visual arts quarterly, made possible by the subscription and support of its readers—will unveil a host of engaging features, interviews and portfolios in its upcoming issues.

Launchings for ARC will take place in January and February in New York City, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and will be available online, in select bookstores and other outlets.

For more information you may contact Holly Bynoe at and Nadia Huggins at

You can visit the magazine site at

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