Ousted president Duvalier has returned to Haiti

My friend Morby from Port-au-Prince, through an sms, reports that Baby Doc has landed in Port-au-Prince, as the Agence France Press reports below. His presence can only complicate the present political situation in Haiti, where he still commands (inexplicably) substantial support. The photo above, which I took back in August, already anticipated his return.

Haitian former president Jean-Claude Duvalier, ousted from power by a popular revolt in the 1980s,has landed in Port-au-Prince, where he was welcomed by enthusiastic suporters. Earlier this afternoon, a diplomat who had requested anonimity tolf AFP that he was “on board an Air France flight” going to Port-au-Prince.

The plane landed in the Haitian capital as expected around 5:30 pm (2230 GMT), with Duvalier having apparently flown first class (an airport official said he had occupied seats 3A and 3B).

Duvalier was ousted from power in 1986 by massive anti-government demonstrations after his family and supporters were accused of plundering tens of millions of dollars of state funds.

The 59-year-old ex-dictator, known as “Baby Doc”, has been living in exile in France for nearly 25 years, since he was ousted in a coup.

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