Bird Watching: Jamaica’s Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Island Buzz Jamaica recently featured the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, located in Anchovy, St. James parish, half an hour outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The article stresses that the sanctuary offers a visitors “the opportunity to see and feed birds, in particular hummingbirds, by having them perch right on their fingers! It is surreal feeling the beautiful, tiny, delicate hummingbirds rest on your finger as you feed them while listening to the soothing sound of their hum. With stunning emerald green chests and ruby red beaks you’ll want to watch them for hours.”

The article states that there are over 200 species of birds in Jamaica and many of them can be seen at the sanctuary. Some of the species may include the Red Billed Streamer-tail Hummingbird (aka Doctor Bird), the Jamaican Mango, the Vervain Hummingbird, the Bee Hummingbird, the Black and Yellow-faced Grassquits, the Orangequit, the Jamaican Woodpecker, the Northern Parula, the Jamaican Tody, the Jamaican Parakeet, and the Green-rumped Parrotlet, to name a few.

The Rocklands Bird Sanctuary was established by Lisa Salmon, “one of Jamaica’s first environmentalists.” Miss Salmon—or “the bird lady” as she was affectionately known—purchased the Rocklands property in 1954; in 1962, it was opened to the public. After Salmon’s death in 2000 at the age of 96, her legacy lives on.

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[Photos: The Jamaican tody, the Jamaican mango, and the Vervain hummingbird.]

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