Caribbean Textures: Caliban and the Works of Joel James

The Center for Caribbean Studies at Casa de las Américas and the School of Arts and letters at the University of Havana, in collaboration with Casa del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba, are sponsoring the panel “Caliban y el pensamiento anti-hegemónico” [Caliban and Anti-hegemonic Thought], which will take place in the framework of the Joel James in Memoriam Symposium on January 11, 12, and 13, 2011.  As an itinerant studies program, Caribbean Textures, will meet this time in the eastern city of Santiago, and will include as guests Dr. Yolanda Wood, Kenia Dorta, Carlos Lloga, and Raúl Ruiz Miyares.

Setting the panel in Santiago responds to the links between “Calibanesque thought, as a decolonizing one,” and the life and works of anthropologist Joel James Figarola, founder of Casa del Caribe and one of the most important Cuban intellectuals, who recently passed away. Of the various axes linking James’ thought to the character-symbol of Caliban, Wood has decided to highlight for this symposium, “one that seems essential within the multifaceted cultural and intellectual work of Joel James; namely his valorization of traditional popular culture and religious magical systems that share the common ground of ancestral beliefs that arrived with slaves from Black Africa,” and the way in which these systems have built an imaginary of cultural resistance in the Caribbean region.

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