New Book: Juan José Ayuso’s Lucha contra Trujillo 1930-1961

Launched in November 2010, Lucha contra Trujillo 1930-1961 (Letra Gráfica) presents a history of acts of “heroism and martyrdom [during] the ominous criminal shadow of 31 years of tyranny at the hands of Rafael Trujillo. [. . .] It speaks of the gloomy cells of the tyrant and his tyranny, unnamed tombs, [spanning from] the tragic shock of denunciations and persecutions [to the] sad roads towards exile and grim streets of the land.” As the author, Juan José Ayuso, writes, the book gives life to a “dialectic light within a somber regime of terror and blood that did not forgive its adversaries” but within which the freedom fighters from 1930 to 1961 did not stop fighting. He adds, “In these pages, with the certainty that other researchers may complete it in the future, we find the list of the heroes and martyrs and the chronology of their actions and movements, which sought to overthrow the tyranny.”

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