Documentary Film on Haiti: Reason to Hope

The film Reason to Hope (Global Film Network, 2010) is available for classroom use in January 2011, at the one year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

Description: The earthquake that struck Haiti in January of 2010 brought tragedy to an island that has seen more than its share of sorrow. Within days, the worldwide media descended on the island and just as quickly departed as other stories were deemed more important. Independent film and television producer Regge Life presents a film featuring CBS journalists, correspondent Bill Whitaker and producer Erin Lyall George, who had the fortune to remain in Haiti for a month, witnessing more than any other network journalists. The film chronicles what they experienced and expresses that, despite all of the heartache and misery, there is still Reason to Hope. (Running time: 45 minutes)

Regge Life holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from New York University School of Arts. He is the founder of Global Film Network, Inc. and Executive Producer/Director for Doubles and After America. . . After. Life produced his first work in Japan in 1992; the film was called Struggle and Success: The African American Experience in Japan. Life has worked with CBS News’ “Saturday Night with Connie Chung” and NBC’s “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” He is the recipient of many awards including four CINE Golden Eagles. He was honored by the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and chosen a Sony Innovator in 1991.

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Harriman, NY 10926

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