Cuba: Coldest Temperatures since 1951

Cuba continues to experience unusually cold weather.  Meteorologists have registered the coldest temperatures in over half a century. Temperatures in some areas on the island have fallen to a minimum of 1.9 degrees Celsius, or 35 Fahrenheit, with December thought to have been the coldest month on record since 1951. Although January is typically the coldest month of the year in Cuba, this year has been dangerously so.

Experts say the lows have come as a result of a continental cold air mass pushing down from the north, where the United States has been experiencing extreme snow storms. The current temperatures are in huge contrast with the past summer, which was one of the hottest since records on the island began.

El Salvador and Honduras have also had unusually cold weather in December 2010.

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Also see report (in Spanish), by Cuban meteorologist José Rubiera at

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