West Indies Power Geologist Awarded

Chief Geologist for West Indies Power (WIP), Joe LaFleur, and his co-author, Dr. Skip Hoag, have been honored by the Geothermal Resource Council (GRC)—the largest and most respected geothermal association in the world.

LaFleur and Hoag received the Best Presentation Award, during the “Exploration” session of the GRC’s annual meeting in California, for a presentation on the WIP’s Geothermal project on Nevis. The presentation—“Geothermal Exploration Drilling on Nevis: A Caribbean Success Story”—described the work done and techniques used by WIP Nevis Ltd in the exploration of the major geothermal resource on the island. WIP also has geothermal development projects in, Dominica, Saba and other Caribbean islands.

During the presentation and discussion, LaFleur said that “The resource identified by the exploration drilling on Nevis appears to have adequate size to supply the power demand of both St Kitts and Nevis.  If aggressively pursued, it has the resource capacity capable of making St. Kitts-Nevis the first totally geothermal country in the world,” he said.

For original article, see http://bajanreporter.com/west-indies-powers-chief-geologist-awarded-for-nevisian-geothermal-project/

and http://www.caribbean360.com/news/st_kitts_nevis_news/112421.html

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