Cuba to Boost Coffee, Cocoa and Honey Production

During the second meeting of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), Cuban Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodríguez said the government will grant loans to cooperatives in an effort to increase the production of coffee, cocoa and honey, which at the moment are bought in the international market. He explained that 244 agricultural cooperatives will take part in this initiative, and that they will receive a commercial loan, which the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture will pay gradually.

At the meeting, farmers talked about boosting the production of pork meat, eggs, cow milk, sugar cane, and fodder and other products for animal consumption. They also tackled the need to become more efficient on the commercialization, profitability, and the saving of energy, water and other resources.

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Photo (by Janex and Alba) of cocoa pod in Baracoa from

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