Cuban baseball hall of fame opened yesterday in Matanzas

The Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame was inaugurated on December 26 at Palmar de Junco stadium in the province of Matanzas. The new Baseball Hall of Fame fulfills a dream held by Cuban baseball fans for several decades to pay tribute to baseball legends the likes of Martín Dihigo, a local player from Matanzas who is considered the best all around Cuban baseball player of all times.
The Hall of Fame is located inside the stadium behind home plate where the stadium offices and transmission booths are located. In its 27 rooms on 2 floors, the museum houses medals, trophies, uniforms, gloves, biographies, baseball, certificates, photos among its extensive collection of history and memorabilia.
As part of the grand opening, the stadium underwent a major renovation and has been declared a national monument and symbol of Cuban sports culture. The stadium had deteriorated considerably and required a significant investment to restore it. The first official Cuban baseball game was played in this stadium on December 27, 1874.
The inauguration of the Baseball Hall of Fame on December 26 paid special tribute to Martin Dihigo and included the participation of several Cuban baseball legends.
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