Jimmy Jean-Louis Speaks about His Dedication to Haiti and Recent Projects

Actor and producer Jimmy Jean-Louis has been hard at work on his documentary (more info below) on the earthquake in Haiti without putting aside his efforts for Hollywood Unites for Haiti, the organization he founded [see Jimmy Jean-Louis and “Hollywood Unites For Haiti”]. He was recently interviewed by Reseau Culture Haiti. In the video (linked below), he speaks about the organization and how it has been steadily helping youth in Haiti in the midst of this year’s multiple disasters, the schools he has helped found in Haiti to respond to the wealth of talented young people, and his sense of duty and social responsibility towards his native country. He also addresses the evolution of the country and the people as well as his own after the earthquake. In 2011, the Haitian actor will start filming a new feature length work in which he will play Toussaint L’Ouverture.

See the interview (in French), here http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xg9c0n_decembre-2010-jimmy-jean-louis-se-livre-au-rch_creation

*In November, Jean-Louis presented 15 minutes of his documentary on the earthquake in Haiti at the 28th Festival International du Film d’Environnement [International Festival of Environmental Film, which took place at La Pagode Theater in Paris. His film is in its final stages. He was later interviewed by Premiere.fr and spoke about the current state of humanitarian aid to Haiti, which is undergoing a cholera epidemic. Here are excerpts with a link to the full interview below:

You were in Haiti immediately after the disaster. When did you get the idea of doing a documentary on the situation? I already had a camera that followed me because there was someone, cameraman Josh Ready, who wanted to make a documentary about me. He took the first images. Afterwards, Matt Shaper, another cameraman, joined us, and together, they made all the plans.

You have not filmed your own scenes? I’ve also filmed; I took quite a number of shots with a small flip camera. We have so many rushes. I was also there as the eye [to establish a viewpoint] and to communicate with the people, because I speak French and Creole; it was easier [for me] because Josh and Matt speak only English.

What do you think of the current state of international aid? You think that your movie can be used to boost things? One must keep hope. The hope is to continue to share what happened there. This is one of the biggest disasters in history. One must continue to raise public awareness, to let the world know that people are living in appalling conditions. The aid must continue, and must last for years, and not just one month or one year.

When will Haïti 16h53 be finished? I would like it to be ready in a month, in case the Sundance Festival decides to accept it. Otherwise, I am still looking for a distributor; it would be nice to get it out there in 2011.

For full documentary (in French), see http://www.premiere.fr/Cinema/News-Cinema/EXCLU-Jimmy-Jean-Louis-il-nous-parle-de-son-documentaire-sur-Haiti/%28gid%29/2461025#

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