Ky-mani Marley Kicks Off Tour in San Diego

Ky-mani Marley will headline an eight-city West Coast tour stopping in Solana Beach Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011.  The 34-year-old is the youngest of reggae icon, Bob Marley, and is currently recording his new album, Evolution of a Revolution, in Kingston, Jamaica.

The sexy, gruff voiced singer’s roots are planted in reggae music, but Marley’s musical talent includes hip-hop, rock and blues, creating a unique sound.  In the heartfelt “Dear Dad,” Marley sings over roots reggae beat with a mix of ska.  The self-imaged “Ghetto Soldier,” is a hip-hop, rock fused track showcasing Marley’s lyrical talent. The club friendly track “One Time,” is on Marley’s hip-hop tinged album, Radio.  This album reflects Marley’s natural gravitation towards r&b and hip-hop music, more fluid than his reggae tracks.  Marley’s stage persona is that of a rapper than a reggae singer, but in a moment’s time, Marley’s Jamaican patois is raw and flawless.

Nominated for a “Best Reggae Album” in 2001 for Many More Roads, Marley is also an actor and starred in several films, including “One Love (2003)” with reggae songstress, Cherine Anderson.  His debut role was in the 2002 film “Shottas,” playing a Miami drug king pin.  Marley also starred in the BET reality series, “Living Life as a Marley” in 2007.  

Not a stranger to San Diego, the shy and soft-spoken Marley hosted a party in May at the Roundtable Cocktail Lounge.  He also performed at the 2009 Tribute to the Reggae Legends concert and headlined the One Love Peace concert in Tijuana.  Do expect to hear some classic Bob Marley songs, if he performs the sensuous and sexy “Turn The Lights Down,” we’re in for a treat.

Tickets are $26 in advance and $28 day of show.  A special guest, yet to be announced, will open for Marley.

Source: Ky-mani Marley Kicks Off Tour in San Diego | NBC San Diego

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