UNICEF Study of Quality of Life of Women and Children in Aruba

The Minister of Social and Economic Affairs recently welcomed representatives of a consultant group hailing from Ecuador sent under the auspices of UNICEF to do an analysis and research of the quality of life of Aruba’s children and women.

This year, Aruba became the 36th member country of UNICEF in the Latin American/Caribbean region. Membership in UNICEF affords Aruba various benefits, such as this investigation which they are about to initiate.

Upon the initiative and insistence of Minister Winklaar-Hooyboer, UNICEF representatives made a first-ever visit to Aruba at which time it was decided that an in-depth study would be conducted. In this study, UNICEF will create an index for the evaluation of various aspects of the life of our children and women with respect to health, education, social environment and other issues.

Several meetings were held with the major stakeholders who are expected to play an important role in the realization of the six-month analysis. The University of Aruba as well as the Department of Statistics will be involved in the ongoing investigation.

Upon completion, Aruba will have established its own UNICEF center and the work of executing the treaty for children will begin in earnest. It is expected that the consulting company will return to Aruba in January to begin their work. Aruba will be eager to receive them and will offer all the necessary cooperation.

For the original report go to http://www.aruba.com/news/general-news/unicef-study-of-quality-of-life-of-women-and-children-in-aruba/

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