New Book: Saint-Martin, Déstabilisation sociétale dans la Caraïbe française

Saint-Martin: Déstabilisation sociétale dans la Caraïbe française [St. Martin: Societal Destabilization in the French Caribbean] by Daniella Jeffry was published this month by Éditions L’Harmattan (2010).

Publisher’s description: The implementation of a system of economic, social and linguistic domination on the French side of the bi-national island of Saint Martin since 1977, irreversibly transformed the peaceful lifestyle and quality of life of the inhabitants. The island became an Eldorado where the business world, illegal activities, drugs, and crime took over. The native population was virtually eliminated from the social and economic structure and their Caribbean culture was stifled.
Daniella Jeffry was born in Marigot, St. Martin in 1941. Her early education was received in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. In 1965, Jeffry graduated with honors from the prestigious University of Paris-La Sorbonne with a Bachelor of Arts in English and in 1971 she obtained a Masters Certificate of Higher Studies at the University of Tananarive in Madagascar. On her return to St. Martin in 1974, she taught high school French and English language courses at the Collège de Marigot until her retirement in 2000. In 1991, Jeffry was appointed by the school to develop its two-year English-French teaching program. She has been writing and lecturing about St. Martin’s history, culture, and politics for over 20 years.

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2 thoughts on “New Book: Saint-Martin, Déstabilisation sociétale dans la Caraïbe française

  1. Thank you, ivette, for posting the publication of my new book on your very informative site. I like it. I hope this will help people all over the world know about my island, Saint-Martin, andunderstand what the islanders have gone through for the last 30 years , becoming a minority in their country, and therefore a voiceless group. May be somebody can help us overcome this awful situation from a country which calls itself the country of human rights.

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