New Film: Gerardo Chijona’s “Boleto al paraíso”

The latest production by Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona, Boleto al paraíso [Ticket to Paradise], is inspired by the book SIDA: Confessions a un médico [AIDS: Confessions to a Doctor; see previous post New Edition: SIDA, Confesiones a un médico], in which Dr. Jorge Pérez wrote about his relationship and experiences with patients afflicted by AIDS. The film was recently screened at the 32th Festival of New Cinema in Havana, Cuba, and was selected by the Sundance Film Festival to be exhibited in its World Cinema Dramatic category. The Sundance Festival will be celebrated from January 20 to 30, 2011 in Park City, Utah, United States.

This is Chijona´s fourth feature film and it narrates the story of two young people with crossed destinies and who embark a search for paradise, a journey that will mark them for the rest of their lives. The film has been produced by the Cuban Cinema Institute, ICAIC, with the participation of Malas Compañías P.C. (Spain), the Fundación Villa del Cine (Venezuela) and the support of IBERMEDIA Program.

Elizabeth López Corzo writes that most people went to watch “a film about AIDS, which it is, but it is also a story about friendship, family, a conception of life, and the pursuit of a happiness that fades away.” She says, “Boleto. . . is a harrowing film, it tells a different side of this scourge, which all avoid and into which, nevertheless, these young people delivered themselves out of ignorance, immaturity, out of rebelliousness, and we could even say, for love, at such a difficult time as the 1990s in Cuba, where many still did not know what the acronym meant. Chijona’s film is sad, it could not be otherwise, but it is beautiful and I think it is a success of the contemporary Cuban cinema scene.”

For full articles, see (in English) and (in Spanish).

One thought on “New Film: Gerardo Chijona’s “Boleto al paraíso”

  1. I write with the intention to contact Gerardo Chijona in order to do him an invitation at the Cine-Literature-Event in Portland from February 24r to 26, 2011. Please, contact me by email. Thanks

    Antonio J. aiello, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Dpt. of Foreign Languages and Literatures
    Oregon State University
    Kidder hall 226
    Office Phone: 541-737-3934

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