New Book: Voor mij ben jij hier

The new collection Voor mij ben jij hier [For Me, You Are Here] gathers the youngest generation of Surinamese writers. Edited by Michiel van Kempen, the collection was published by Meulenhoff to celebrate 35 years of independence of the Republic of Suriname. The book was presented on December 11, 2010, at Perdu Theater in Amsterdam.

The sixteen writers included in the collection are Rihana Jamaludin, Marylin Simons, Herman Hennink Monkau, Carry-Ann Tjong-Ayong, Clark Accord, Henna Goudzand Nahar, Mala Kishoendajal, Guilly Koster, Iraida Ooft, Tessa Leuwsha, Karin Amatmoekrim, Joanna Werners, Annette de Vries, J.Z. Herrenberg, Ismene Krishnadath, and Ruth San A. Jong.

Writer, art historian and literary critic Michiel van Kempen has compiled of a varied range of anthologies of Dutch-Caribbean literature. He is also author of two volumes of the extensive history of the literature of Suriname.

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