Film Screening: Huguens Jean and Philip Knowlton’s “Lift Up”

Lift Up (2010) a documentary film by Huguens Jean and Philip Knowlton (produced by Andrew Bly) will be screened on December 16, 2010, at 7:00pm at the Embassy of Haiti, located at 2311 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC.

This documentary follows two young brothers, Clifford Muse and Huguens Jean, as they return to Haiti, the country of their birth. They have returned home to pay their final respects and fulfill a promise to their grandfather, Andre Torchon, who passed away shortly after the quake. The stories they tell in this documentary assign faces and souls among their fellow countrymen and before the world to the 200,000 dead as a result of the earthquake.

Clifford and Huguens bring with them a kite to memorialize and lift up the memory of their grandfather. The survivors they visit and interview will provide pieces of the kite that Clifford and Huguens are fashioning. When their memorial kite is finally flown at the the 44th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival in Washington, D.C., it will become evident that the hands which hold the string could be the hands of any of these survivors, and the string they pull close to their chest could represent the tie that binds those down below to their loved ones up above. [Also see previous post Lift Up: Documentary Film in Search of Music.]

“Movies at the Embassy,” hosted by the Embassy of Haiti, is a film series presented by Kylti and the Haiti Renewal Alliance.

This Thursday is the last showing of the film series, which began in September. Attendance is free.

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